TIME WHAT DAY is a series of mixed-reality games, texts, and performances in which players inhabit, investigate, and inscribe digital and physical spaces to explore and enact Theories of Memory, Space, Time, and Identity.

Each Volume comprises a Game Box, a Digital Text, and Theory both compiled and written by The Maker.

TIME WHAT DAY Part One: Traces of Sense – Full Play Through

Warning: contains spoilers!

In Part One: Traces of Sense, players engage in acts of sensory perception and self-reflection to explore theories of memory and identity based on John Locke’s An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Based on the logic and philosophy of Lockean Memory Theory, the performance is a destabilization of memory, time, and space. The Player enacts identity (de/re)formation through sensory play, the materials of which are extracted from the memories of The Maker. The Player must inscribe their own memories into the physical performance space to progress through and complete the game.

The Digital Text of Part One was built using Twine with additional design elements programmed in HTML5 and Javascript. Orignal sound design was also created using Audacity.

Part One: Traces of Sense DEMO (for NarraScope 2019 at MIT)

In Prelude: An Annotation of Space, or, a Voluntary Memory, players are introduced to foundational theories of time, space, and memory based on Proust’s In Search of Lost Time and Samuel Beckett’s Memory, Habit, Time. This Volume instructs the player to in/voluntarily enact Proustian Revelation while retracing The Maker’s search for memory through space, time, and sense. The digital text was built using the Google Earth narrative tour interface.

Future Volumes will continue to explore Beckettian, Proustian, and Lockean Memory Theories, as well as theorists such as Leibniz, Kant, and Schopenhauer, among others.

The Digital Texts and Theory components are available through this website; Game Boxes are custom built and delivered upon request by a player or scheduled for individual release and distribution by The Maker.