What is Autodramaturgy?

Autodramaturgy IS NOT:

  • Dramaturgy
  • Auto-drama
  • Autobiography
  • Drama Therapy
  • Artist Book
  • Interactive Fiction
  • Performance Art
  • Product

Autodramaturgy is something else entirely, though it may incorporate elements of and/or result in the above.

Autodramaturgy IS:

  • A process in which a Subject interacts with an Object in order to better understand both the Subject and the Object.
    • An Autodramaturgy consists of a Self (auto) and a Structure (dramaturgy).
      • The Subject of an Autodramaturgy is the audience, interactor, or player (i.e. the Self).
      • The Object of an Autodramaturgy can be anything external to the self with an exclusive and complete system of logic (i.e. the Structure).
    • The Subject performs an Autodramaturgy with (not on) an Object through creating and/or performing Autodramaturgical materials and events.

Autodramaturgical materials and events are built by:

  • Distilling the logical, narrative, and phenomenological elements of an Object through dramaturgical analysis
  • Translating and/or reorganizing these elements into performance(s) for the Subject to explore and execute based on their own subjective systems of logic.

These materials and events, within and through which the Autodramaturgical Process occurs, become Products of an Autodramaturgy. The Products of an Autodramaturgy are Hybrid Structures resembling both the Subject and the Object.

Autodramaturgies achieve RECEPTION (experiencing sensory phenomena and information) and PERCEPTION (organizing and interpreting sensory information into systems and/or meaning) via CONCEPTION (forming or devising a new idea based on the abstract). Autodramaturgical processes are sites of simultaneous reception and perception of the Subject and the Object through the conception of hybridized autodramaturgical products.

Simple and Complex Autodramaturgies

Simple Autodramaturgies are intrasubjective processes in which a dialectic occurs between a single Subject and Object. Simple Autodramaturgies are closed, solipsistic processes for the purpose of an individual Subject’s experience and understanding.

Complex Autodramaturgies are often intersubjective processes in which:

  • The Product of a Simple Autodramaturgy is used as an Object in a subsequent Autodramaturgy, performed by either the same or another Subject.
  • Or, in which the Object of an Autodramaturgy is also the creation of the Subject (i.e. the Structure with which the Self is performing an Autodramaturgy is an established Structure derived from that same Self). This kind of complex autodramaturgy is primarily intrasubjective, though the Object may be hybridized with another Subject/Object (see above).
  • Or, in which the Object of an Autodramaturgy is another Subject performing an Autodramaturgy with the first Subject as secondary Object (i.e. tandem autodramaturgies).

Autodramaturgical processes are always active, subject-driven experiences. The Product of an Autodramaturgy may result in either passive or active experiences or materials and do not always provide opportunities for subsequent complex autodramaturgies to arise.

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