Possible Applications

As new volumes of TIME WHAT DAY are released and further research on Autodramaturgy is conducted, there are several possible applications of both TIME WHAT DAY and the Autodramaturgical Process within and beyond performance:

Narrative and Non-narrative content generated by subjects moving through a Complex Autodramaturgical Product such as TIME WHAT DAY can be used toward the development of new performance works, both conventional and experimental, original and adapted. Additionally, new dramaturgical structures for content may be discovered by identifying the logical, material, and potential narrative elements of any Subject/Object as a dramaturgy.

Engagement and Educational opportunities and activities – both in an outside of performance: Autodramaturgical processes are sites of alternative modes of learning and engagement with the internal logic and phenomena of an Object while incorporating experiences, dramaturgies, and phenomena of a subjective sociocultural perspective. Products of Autodramaturgies have the potential to become Counter-texts for use in Production Dramaturgy (see Hopkins, D.J. “Research, Counter-text, Performance: Reconsidering the (Textual) Authority of the Dramaturg.” Theatre Topics, 2003, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 1-17.)

Further connections between Autodramaturgies as Game and Play and the importance of Play in Drama Therapy are also currently being explored.

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