Future Explorations

Autodramaturgical Theory and the foundations of TIME WHAT DAY are primarily influenced by the Post-Dramatic concept of the Audience as Co-Creator, Game Design Theory, Performance Studies, and Affective Devising Theory. Future readings and writing on Theory and Volumes of the Performance Series will continue to draw on these theories and scholarship.

The following are key concepts that TIME WHAT DAY draws on in both theory and practice, which will continue to be articulated throughout the series:

POTENTIAL NARRATIVE (Montfort): Autodramaturgical products like TIME WHAT DAY are not passive narrative experiences but potential narrative and non-narrative experiences activated by and dependent upon the presence, interaction, and contribution of the subject player (this also relates to the Post-Dramatic principle that meaning-making and authorship are audience-driven (Lehmann)).

PERFORMANCE AS PLAY; GAME PLAY AS PERFORMANCE (Schechner, Salen and Zimmerman): Autodramaturgical Objects are distilled into schemas, rules, and systems in which Subject Players play in order to articulate and perform established and new ideas and identities.

NO SUCH THING AS NEUTRAL OBSERVATION (Carlson): The subject player becomes an integral and impactful active participant in the culture of the autodramaturgical process/product, generating new narrative and non-narrative materials in the performance space via the dialectic between Subject/Object, whether the autodramaturgies are simple or complex.

The following are key works which have influenced and are integral to the continued development of the Autodramaturgical Process/Product and TIME WHAT DAY:

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