TIME WHAT DAY: Theory of Autodramaturgies

What is Autodramaturgy?

TIME WHAT DAY: Part One as a Complex Autodramaturgy

Possible Applications of Autodramaturgies Beyond Performance

Future Explorations: Play, Potential Narrative, and Post-Dramatics.

An Annotation of Space, or, a Voluntary Memory: Solving the Proustian Equation

Supplemental Material for the Prelude includes a Glossary for Beckett’s Memory, Habit, Time, an analysis of the theories of the Proustian Equation, Revelation and Proustian Demonstration, and brief musings that brought The Maker to write and design the Prelude. Click the links below to access the material.

Introduction to Prelude

Terms, References, and Allusions in Beckett’s Memory, Habit, Time

Annotation of Theories I: The Proustian Equation and Revelation

Annotation of Theories II: The Proustian Demonstration

Works Cited