Time What Day: Part One as a Complex Autodramaturgy

TIME WHAT DAY Part One: Traces of Sense is a hybridized product of the Subject (myself) and Object (Lockean Memory Theory) which were a part of the original simple Autodramaturgy which incited this project.

TIME WHAY DAY Part One is a Complex Autodramaturgy in which the Product of a Simple Autodramaturgy (Myself and Lockean Memory Theory) is used as the Object in a subsequent Autodramaturgy, performed with you as the new Subject.

In TIME WHAT DAY Part One, the player (Subject) encounters both Myself (my memories, my ways of thinking, and my aesthetic preferences) via Locke and Locke (Locke’s writing and theory) via Myself.

Because Autodramaturgies, whether simple or complex, are Subject-driven, Subject-centered processes, it was necessary to distill myself as Subject into Object (hybridized with Locke) to allow new Subjects to conceive, receive, and perceive based on their own systems of thinking, sense of play, and aesthetic preferences.

This self-reduction from Subject into Object aligns with a core question of the TIME WHAT DAY series: What happens to our identity when we don’t retain our subjective, narrative memories? By creating systems of sensory and self reception / perception a la Locke based on my subjective process of thinking and conceiving, which presents a dramaturgical and material expression of myself which can be infinitely repeated and performed by myself or anyone else.

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